Doing a little gold-pounding tonight (Vibroplex Gold bug), working Frank, K5PHB, in LIberty HIll, TX.

And his lovely wife Cynthia, K5CSW.

Here’s from his QRZ.COM biography:

“Hi, and thanks for looking me up on QRZ.com. This is my third venture into ham radio. It all began back in 1958 when I obtained my novice license as KN5PHB. About a year later I obtained my general class license and was active on the HF bands. After graduating from high school I went off to college and had to go to work for a living.

I got back into Ham Radio in 1969 after Hurricane Camile hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was living in Baton Rouge, La at the time, and stayed active for approximately 10 years, participating in National Traffic Nets, DXing, the Mississippi Sideband Net, and cw operations.

I recently got back into ham radio (Feb 2013) at my wife’s request to assist with emergency communications, particularly with the Salvation Army. Having let my license expire I had to retake the radio amateur exams, from technician through extra class.

Of course I had to purchase NEW equipment for my “new/old” hobby. During this entire process, my lovely wife decided she should be licensed to operate a ‘ham radio station’ should she need it in her work with the Salvation Army. She is now an Extra Class licensed Amateur Radio Operator–K5CSW, “aka” Cindy.

You may find me on the HF cw bands.  If so, give me a call.  HF Transceiver is Kenwood TS590S, HF antenna is G5RV at approximately 40 feet VHF/UHF transceivers are Yaseu FT-7900 mobile and FT-8800 in the ham shack.”

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